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Lock and Unlock

Are you the first to arrive or the last person to leave your workplace? Unless your organisation operates 24 hours a day, you will need to appoint somebody to take care of locking and unlocking your premises.

Empire Security Services are proud to offer a lock and unlock Solution for your property or business.

Locking up a site at the end of operations is no longer about simply locking a door. Empire Services takes care of every aspect of your building's close-down procedure - helping you to maintain your commitment to the people and property within your premises. We will perform all of the necessary checks before locking your building. This includes closing all windows and doors, turning off all lights, ensuring taps are fully turned off, checking gates and perimeters, and setting the alarm. When you arrive in the morning, your workplace will be open and ready for you to commence operations without delay.

Our team of highly-trained and professional, SIA-accredited Security Personnel are trained to deal with any eventuality that may arise.

Benefits of Lock and Unlock Services

Greater convenience – You do not have to be the first or last person at the premises.

Safer - Rather than letting your staff handle a potentially risky situation with business keys, you can allow a professionally trained Empire Security officer to open the site in the morning and close it up when the business ends in the evening.

Security presence – Your premises are meticulously patrolled and secured and provides a visual deterrence for opportunists thieves or vandals

Key Allocation -No need to issue staff keys, increasing security

Alarms - We can set and unset alarms

Temporary Cover – Access to your business is not affected by keyholder staff sickness or holidays.

Save Money - We ensure all lights are turned off, windows are securely closed and all taps are switched off.