Mobile Patrol Vehicle | Security Vigilance 

Mobile Patrol Vehicles

All of our mobile officers are highly trained to fulfil customer care and site management requirements. Primarily, their responsibility is to ensure that all duties are constantly fulfilled. Should you not require the services of a full-time security officer, you may consider utilising mobile patrol vehicles. Empire Services will carry out randomised patrols to ensure that your property is safe and secure. A great deal of attention is afforded to security in the modern world - businesses who fail to protect themselves are set to suffer as a consequence.


All staff are fully vetted, DBS clear and SIA licenced guards


Our mobile patrol units are tailored to suit your needs



All our Mobile vehicles are branded with security livery

Mobile Patrol Vehicles


Highly trained staff



Our mobile security guards will provide a physical presence to deter unwanted intruders

Lock Unlock Service

Locking up a site at the end of operations is no longer about simply locking a door. Empire Services takes care of every aspect of your building's close-down procedure - helping you to maintain your commitment to the people and property within your premises. We will perform all of the necessary checks before locking your building. This includes closing all windows and doors, turning off all lights, ensuring taps are fully turned off, checking gates and perimeters, and setting the alarm. When you arrive in the morning, your workplace will be open and ready for you to commence operations without delay.